Hidden Lives: Leek’s Extraordinary Embroiderers

‘Hidden Lives:Leek’s Extraordinary Embroiderers’ is a new publication by Cathryn Walton. It reveals the lives of over 80 women who stitched exquisite embroidery for the Leek Embroidery Society. Lavishly illustrated with many colour images it features wives and daughters of wealthy silk manufacturers, solicitors and surgeons who together with daughters of Leek tradesmen were members of the renowned Leek Embroidery Society. Photographs of embroiderers, embroideries, people and places vie for attention on every page.
Hidden Lives sheds light on the previously unknown women who stitched for  Elizabeth Wardle.
RRP is £19.95 in bookshops but it can be purchased from the author and publisher for £15 plus £2 postage and packing. Contact Cathryn Walton at 10 Queen Street, Leek ST13 6LS or wcathryn@hotmail.com
Hidden Lives: Leek's Extraordinary Embroiderers now available.
Hidden Lives: Leek’s Extraordinary Embroiderers now available.

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