Bayeux Tapestry Coming to UK

Fantastic News, President Macron has announced that the famous Bayeux Tapestry may travel from Normandy to Britain in the near future.

This should mean that more attention will be focused on Leek’s famous replica. Two historians have been researching this work over recent years. Catheryn Walton’s  book ‘Hidden Lives’ which focuses on the women of the Leek Embroidery Society is already in print (see this website for further details) and Brenda M King’s latest publication on the Wardle family will be published later this yer. It will have a chapter devoted to many different aspects of Leek’s famous replica.

Dye, Print, Stitch: Textiles by Thomas and Elizabeth Wardle (2009) already covers some aspects of this exciting project.





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  1. Hi, all documentation is available to view at Staffordshire records office, including, the Wardle connection with Macclesfield, the children resided at Beech Hall school, there are some very interesting personal letters also, one of which mentions the birth of my father, illegitimate Son of ****** Wardle. I have the original 365 menu book written by Dame Elizabeth Wardle, I am bequeathing it to the Nicholson Institute upon my demise. It is sad story about Thomas Fearon Wardle ,his ashes were never collected from the funeral home in Levin NZ yet his wife Barbara Dufloe has a beautiful headstone.

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