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  1. A good clear introduction to each of the main figures and their relative place in the scheme of things. Well done. :)

  2. A beautifully produced website. I found the use of the photographs particularly interesting; and the linkages to William Morris are excellent. Well done to the Heritage Group.

  3. I am wondering if you have or know anyone who has information on the Wardle family. On my Bladon family I have Ellen Bladon who married a Joshua Wardle in 1776 at Uttoxeter. They had a son Joseph in 1776 and I am trying to discover if he is the father of Joshua Wardle b1802 and hence Sir Thomas’s father. Ihave Ann Jacques book and this is the Joseph who married Matha Earls so I really need to know who this Joseph’s parents were. The Joshua who married Ellen Bladon as born in 1741 at Ipstones (I think)

  4. Congratulations- clear, precise and accurate, just what is needed. Here’s hoping this is the basis of a really informative and valuable resource that complements existing collections.

  5. Have been wondering why my children are getting such high marks in textiles at school and thought it may be in their genes lol. We are related after all….great great great uncle Sir Thomas Wardle. Apparently we even owned Alton Towers at some point 😉

  6. Hello, Today I bought a roll of vintage fabric and the name on the edging is Bernard Wardle. So I got on the computer and was doing a search on Bernard Wardle which brought me to this site! I am so very happy that I get a large roll of the most beautiful fabric material, and its great quality! Incidently, I am from Middlesbrough and there is a great designer from Middlesbrough called Christopher Dresser and please look at Christopher Dresser society…. he is an amazing designer…. as is Bernard Wardle. Please also visit the Dorman museum in Middlesbrough to see Dresser-Fest exhibition. Just want to say that your website is very informative and its great to see the Wardles are being celebrated! Thankyou

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